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How do we make the images for this project?

Enrique and I have met to talk about the images that we want to present at the end of this project.

There are limitations to set each other up, due to the technical capacities of each photolithography macro and micro use. We had such an interesting conversation about his work and how the designs are created.

This is what I understood after a very detailed explanation. A specialist Doctor will ask him to design the circuit with characteristics specific to the patient and its needs. This circuit is so small that the thickness of a single hair would make it look big!

This circuit goes inside the body in a needle and it is connected to a computer. From this stage new modifications need to be done for the design to work properly. As we can understand the end result of a circuit and its shapes contain meaning. This meaning determines what the design is.

Nevertheless of its huge importance in medical use, the circuit now becomes an image which beauty brings resemblance of constructivist Latin American art or optic art.

From the images I receive from Enrique I will create a two colour separation and use two different plates to reproduce his designs. I am looking forward to start doing the exposure of the aluminium photo plates.

And for my part, I was asked from Enrique to present images that had less information based on one colour and with no tonal range. The images I make will need to be translated into a specific program that does not take all the information I am use to having in my artwork. I have also decided to move away from the work I have been working on "Pulque" (which you can have a look at in this web page) and work from an interesting subject about race and racism in Mexico. I am interested in picking up not only racial groups but also socio-cultural entities that have developed in recent years. So I must stop writing and carry on with some drawing.

Meanwhile please have a look at a couple of images from Enrique.

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