What is the artistic activity for UK-Mexico Cultural Exchange?

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Well at this stage we are half way with the activities. The first one was to host a residency with Humberto Valdez and Eduardo Martinez. For personal reasons Humberto cancelled his trip and sent in his place Orietta Aguilar. Both Orietta and Eduardo arrived to the TOON and have engaged in the activities proposed and hopefully will have some time to produce some of their own work in Newcastle Universities facilities.

Another activity was the production and use of a trike/ print /gallery which now has a name. LA TAMALERA.

One of my partners in this project, is Recyke your bike. With them I created a replica of the trike used in Mexico to reach different audiences. The trike is amazing! People always smile when we are on our way to an event and love having a go to the printing, specially because they get to take a beautiful print with them!

At the Laing Gallery as part of VAMOS festival we presented the trike and spent some time explaining what a print was and promoting the exhibitions and workshop.

Then at the Boiler shop as part of VAMOS Festival we had a full day from 12 pm until 8 pm printing lino's and meeting people, as well as promoting the exhibitions and workshop.

Exhibitions? yes as part of the cultural exchanged I asked Humberto Valdez to send a body of work to be exhibited at Northern Print. At the same time we are exhibiting the work of Mexican Women from all over the country with prints which shows the diversity and quality of their making,