Why Taller Imagen del Rinoceronte TIR


After an intense couple of weeks of research in Mexico, working on a project about Printmaking Workshops and its relation to social, political and community issues, I came back full of passion of what is happening there.One of this workshops was :


Taller Imagen del Rinoceronte.

El TIR was established in 2006 with the objective of having a free, open space for education and workshop formation for children, young people and adults in printmaking and art in general.

The idea seems simple but it has so many challenges.

It is a cultural space created by the initiative of Humberto Valdez, with the support of INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts) and CONACULTA (National Advice for Culture and Arts).

The delegationl of Tlalpan in Mexico City gives the space for the workshop, whilst a collective of people cover the cost of equipment, materials and all other needs.