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Linocut Workshop

So the last event this summer for the UK-Mexico Cultural Print Exchange was the workshop. We had been promoting during our trike sessions the workshop and ended up with having a full booking. The interesting part of this workshop was that we would engage with a new audience that have never been involved in making art or prints. It was a great experience to have people coming into the University's facilities and having a look.

It was easy to make them feel comfortable because we were on the same boat. To have a nice day and to learn something new. We did have some of our Master Students joining in which says lots about their interests in learning new skills and techniques.

The workshop was mainly presented by Orietta and Eduardo from TIR. I worked as a support and it was really nice to see how they approach the technique and their methodology. We spent from 10 am until 4 pm working very hard so that they could take home their prints.

Another important issue was that it was all free. No one had to pay anything for the workshop or the materials making it an event closer to the ethos of TIR.

I am sure some will be making more prints.


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